The Newsletter of the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy (going back to when SAAP was called "The American Philosophy Group," back in 1973) is now available online, via the Philosophy Documentation Center. 

Wiki in  American Philosophy Graduate Programs.  This wiki provides an unranked list of Ph.D. and terminal M.A. programs that have strengths in American Philosophy. Links are provided to the websites, CVs, and PhilPapers profiles of the relevant faculty at each program. Additionally, when known, the specialties and willingness of faculty members to work with new graduate students are noted. The primary intended audience is prospective or current graduate students with interests in American Philosophy who want to get the lay of the land by seeing who works where, and on what. Because this is a wiki, this list can be updated and edited. Resources for editing this wiki can be found here. 

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Resources in American Philosophy

Teaching and Studying American Philosophy and Pragmatism

International Organizations/Centers/Societies
Audio and Video Resources
Archives of Past SAAP Events

(These links aim mainly to lead readers to many more resources on American philosophy. Suggestions and corrections are welcome, as this is in progress and more links are coming.)


Alain Locke Society. Information about Locke, including forthcoming manuscripts, books, conferences, and related associations.

The Jane Collective is a loosely affiliated group of scholars interested in advancing feminist pragmatism in the spirit of the social philosophy of Jane Addams (1860-1935). Addams has been widely recognized as a social worker, pacifist, and co-founder of the social settlement, Hull House, but not until the late 1990’s did she receive serious consideration for her contribution to philosophy. The Jane Collective is particularly interested in facilitating reflection on Addams as a social philosopher and this group is dedicated to that purpose.The Jane Collective offers a prize for outstanding feminist paper presented at the Annual SAAP meeting.

C.S. Peirce. There has never been a comprehensive edition of Peirce's writings organized chronologically and edited according to current scholarly practices. The Peirce Edition Project's mission is to organize and date the manuscripts and to produce an approved scholarly edition of Peirce's writings. Produced by the Institute for American Thought. A Charles Peirce discussion listserv begun and moderated by Joe Ransdell for over 16 years. Now hosted by the Institute for American Thought of the Indiana University School of Liberal Arts. Email address is here:

The Peirce Studies Center (CSP) is the first research center in Italy dedicated to Charles Sanders Peirce (1839-1914), the thinker, philosopher and scientist American. The purpose of the CSP is to promote the knowledge and study of Peirce in Italy and work to encourage contacts between the Italian and foreign researchers on Peirce.

Open Court online exhibit on Peirce This exhibit from the Open Court Publishing Company features primary source materials (letters, manuscripts, etc.) from the Open Court Records at Morris Library, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, and its focus is Peirce's dialogue with Paul Carus during the 1890 Monist years.

R.W. Emerson. The Ralph Waldo Emerson Society.

Jonathan Edwards. The Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University came into being in October 2003, on the three-hundredth anniversary of Jonathan Edwards' birth. The JEC grew naturally out of the offices of the Works of Jonathan Edwards, the contemporary critical print edition of selections from the Edwards papers. The JEC is directed by Professor Harry Stout, and is housed at the Yale Divinity School in New Haven, CT. At the site, free to the public, are approximately 25,000 pages of Edwards' writings. Some of these texts, previously unpublished, represent a significant addition to the available Edwards corpus. The next 35,000 pages will go live in Spring 2007. Another nice collection of Edwards links are here.

John Dewey Center in Carbondale, IL. In the course of collecting and editing Dewey's works, the Center amassed a wealth of source materials for the study of America's quintessential philosopher-educator, John Dewey. By virtue of its publications and research, the Center has become the international focal point for research on Dewey's life and work.

John Dewey Society. The purpose of the John Dewey Society (JDS) is to foster intelligent inquiry into pressing social problems of our time, especially pertaining to the place and function of education in resolving such problems, as well as to share, discuss, and disseminate the results of such inquiries.  The JDS is also a space for building and sustaining the networks of students and scholars of the philosophy of John Dewey and American Pragmatism.

Josiah Royce. The Josiah Royce Society.The Josiah Royce Society was established in 2003 to encourage the study of the life and work of the American philosopher Josiah Royce (1855-1916).

Idealism & Pragmatism: Convergence or Contestation?. Idealism & Pragmatism: Convergence or Contestation? 3 Year Research Network, 2013-2015. The aim of this project is to consider the relation between two great philosophical traditions: idealism and pragmatism. While on the face of it they may appear to be at odds with one another, it is becoming clearer that there are also many potential positive connections between the two, whether understood historically or systematically. We will investigate where these similarities and differences lie, considering both their historical links, and also their relation to central areas in philosophy. The network will focus on three main themes through a series of workshops and a final conference: 2013 Workshop on the history of the relation between idealism and pragmatism 2014 Workshop exploring connections in metaphysics, epistemology, logic and language 2015 Workshop exploring connections in ethics, social thought, and religion 2015 Final conference The network links the Department of Philosophy at Sheffield with philosophy departments at the universities of Cambridge, Columbia, Frankfurt, Pittsburgh, Sydney, Vanderbilt, and at the Collège de France.

Royce: Comprehensive Index of the Writings of Josiah Royce: The Josiah Royce Comprehensive Index website. The Comprehensive Index of the papers of Royce found at Harvard University was created by the Frank Oppenheim with the assistance of Dawn Aberg and John Kaag. Hosted at IUPUI. 

Rorty: The Richard Rorty Society. The Richard Rorty Society was founded in 2014 to promote study of the work and life of Richard Rorty (1931-2007), and to encourage and support scholarship and other writing inspired by and in the spirit of his work, across the disciplines.

The Josiah Royce Studies Center (CSJR) is the first Italian research center dedicated to the study of the works of American philosopher Josiah Royce (1855-1916). It was founded in March 2013 and it is the brainchild of Carlo Cantaluppi. The CSJR also collaborates with the Peirce Studies Center (CSP).

Pragmatism Today is the online peer-reviewed journal of the Central-European Pragmatist Forum (CEPF). It is accessible online via its own website or via the link through the CEPF website

The Personalist Forum seeks to provide a forum for thinkers interested in exploring two personalist hypotheses: that it is the personal dimension of our being and living that is definitive of our humanity, and that the personal dimension of being-human offers a clue to the ordering of reality.

Process Philosophy. Society for the Study of Process Philosophies. The Society is a group of scholars in philosophy and related fields with a specialty or interest in process thought.

Process Philosophy. The Center for Process Studies is a research center of Claremont School of Theology, and affiliated with Claremont Graduate University. CPS seeks to promote the common good by means of the relational approach found in process thought. Their journal is here.

Santayana. Overheard in Seville: Bulletin of the Santayana Society. Santayana Society's page--it has pdfs of articles on Santayana.

The Santayana Edition: a critical edition of The Works of George Santayana, produced by the Institute for American Thought (also home of the Peirce Edition Project, and the Frederick Douglass Papers. The goal of the Santayana Edition editors is to produce texts that accurately represent Santayana's final intentions regarding his works, and to record all evidence (textual apparatus listing variants and emandations) on which editorial decisions have been based.

Thoreau. The Thoreau Society.

William James. Collection of links for materials on William James at the William James Society website.

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International Organizations/Centers/Societies


Pragmatismes et philosophie américaine Archives of recent articles, news, and connection information to thinkers working in the American philosophical vein in France.


The American Voice in Philosophy project, at University College Dublin,  The American Voice in Philosophy is a three year project that explores the idea of a distinctive American voice in philosophy. The project began in 2012 with the international conference "The American Style in Philosophy" supported by the Irish Research Council, the UCD Clinton Institute and the UCD School of Philosophy.


The Peirce Studies Center (CSP). The Peirce Studies Center (CSP) is the first research center in Italy dedicated to Peirce and Pragmatism. Located at the Università degli Studi di Milano, the Center was originally founded by Carlo Sini and Rossella Fabbrichesi, two affirmed scholars who were among the first to introduce Peirce in Italy. The purpose of the CSP is to promote the knowledge and the study of Peirce in Italy and to establish contacts between the Italian and international community of Peirce scholars. The Peirce Studies Center is located at the Universtà degli Studi of Milan, at the first floor of the library of philosophy. The University address is: Via Festa del Perdono, 7/3, Italy. The CSP is part of the cultural association Pragma. The aim of Pragma is to operate as a point of reference for all the scholars and researchers in Italy interested in Pragmatism, both American and Italian. The CSP is part of the cultural association Pragma. The aim of Pragma is to operate as a point of reference for all the scholars and researchers in Italy interested in Pragmatism, both American and Italian. Multiples sites are linked here including Milan (home site) and Rome.


John Dewey Research Center at the Jagiellonian University, Krakow,Faculty of Philosophy. The John Dewey Research Center was established in January, 2007, at the Faculty of Philosophy of Jagiellonian University in Cracow, as a site of activity for Polish scholars who are interested in pragmatist and neopragmatist philosophy. The idea of establishing JDRC in Kracow found broad resonance within the scientific circle of Polish scholars involved in pragmatist philosophy. Many eminent academics expressed a will to cooperate within JDRC and participate in the conference that was held in November 2007.[From the website]


Nordic Pragmatism Network. Pragmatism has in recent years attracted a number of Nordic philosophers and scholars working in different fields within philosophy and related subjects in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Initiated in 2006, the Nordic Pragmatism Network aims at bringing these scholars together and establishing contacts both inside and outside the Nordic countries.Membership in the Network is open for everyone.

Helsinki Peirce Research Centre is the home of Peirce studies at the University of Helsinki. Its activities include several research projects, events and the guest lectures and seminars of the Helsinki Metaphysical Club. Members of the Centre also maintain the Commens Peirce portal and dictionary.

Slovakia/Central Europe: Central-European Pragmatist Forum (CEPF):

For other international outreach efforts, see:

More international links coming...

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The Pluralist is the official journal of SAAP. It is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to advancing the ends of philosophical thought and dialogue in all widely used philosophical methodologies, including non-Western methods and those of traditional cultures. The Pluralist considers high-quality submissions on any philosophical topic written from any philosophical perspective. Articles that defend some type of pluralism, apply a pluralistic perspective to contemporary issues, or take a critical stance against pluralism are encouraged.

Contemporary Pragmatism is a new interdisciplinary, international
journal for discussions of applying pragmatism, broadly understood, to
today’s issues. This journal will consider articles about pragmatism written
from the standpoint of any tradition and perspective, but it will concentrate
on original explorations of pragmatism and pragmatism’s relations with
humanism, naturalism, and analytic philosophy. The journal welcomes both
pragmatism-inspired research and criticisms of pragmatism. CP encourages
interdisciplinary efforts, establishing bridges between pragmatic philosophy
and, for example, theology, psychology, pedagogy, sociology, medicine,
economics, political science, or international relations.

The Inter-American Journal of Philosophy The main goal of IJP is to foster interaction, communication, and genuine philosophical dialogue between and among philosophers and philosophic institutions throughout all of the Americas. El objetivo principal de IJP es fomentar interacción, comunicación, y dialogo genuino entre filósofos e instituciones filosóficas en el continente Americano.

The Journal of Speculative Philosophy publishes systematic and interpretive essays examining the constructive interaction between Continental and American philosophy, as well as novel developments in the ideas and theories of past philosophers that have relevance for contemporary thinkers.

European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy. is an online peer reviewed journal which stems from the experience of the Cultural Society Pragma (, and it will be published twice a year. It is accessible on line and access is free. EJPAP publishes articles which explore the American tradition in philosophy, with a special focus on pragmatism and on the relationships of pragmatism to the European tradition. Both historically minded and present-oriented papers are welcomed. EJPAP promotes exploration of interdisciplinary issues and approaches and favors the mutual dialogue among different philosophical traditions. To that extent, EJPAP welcomes contributions dealing with any field of philosophical inquiry: epistemology, philosophy of language, metaphysics and philosophy of science, philosophy of mind and action, ethics, aesthetics, social & political philosophy.

Nordic Studies in Pragmatism is a peer reviewed book series published by the Nordic Pragmatism Network. The series publishes studies on the tradition of philosophical pragmatism as well as on closely related topics. It is distributed on-line in an open access format, making the volumes freely available for scholars and students anywhere in the world. []

Process Studies is the Center for Process Studies refereed academic journal. is a scholarly per-reviewed, refereed journal, the leading international journal in its field. It is dedicated to the study of the thought and wide-ranging implications of Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947) and his intellectual associates, most notably Charles E. Hartshorne (1897-2000), and others like William James (1842-1910), Charles Sanders Peirce (1839-1914) and Henri Bergson (1859-1941). PS's mandate is to explore Whiteheadian-Hartshornean process thought at an advanced level and as it appears in related philosophies and theologies (as noted above), applying the Whiteheadian-Hartshornean conceptuality to a wide range of other fields. Issues are published twice a year.

Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society. Since its founding in 1965, the premier peer-reviewed journal specializing in the history of American philosophy. Named after the founder of American Pragmatism but all types of American thought are covered from the Colonial period to the recent past. All books published in the field are discussed in essay reviews.

William James Studies is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing high quality, scholarly articles related to the life, work and influence of William James. William James Studies is an open-access journal so as to ensure that all who have an interest in William James have access to its contents. The journal is sponsored by the William James Society and published online by the University of Illinois Press.

Additional listings of journals publishing in American philosophy are here, at

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Audio and Video Resources

NOTE: These are links to websites outside of SAAP. Where possible, I strongly suggest you download a copy of the file(for personal use, of course) and then listen to it. Websites with audio tend to disappear, along with their content, because bandwidth is still costly. Don't expect it to be there forever.

Expertenvideos: Perspectives Of Pragmatism. Dewey Center Köln's video interviews with James Campbell, Vincent Colapietro, Michael Eldridge, Steven Fesmire, Jim Garrison, William Gavin,  James Good, Judith Green, Charlene Haddock Seigfried, Larry Hickman, John McDermott, Hugh McDonald, Matthew Pamental, Gregory Pappas, John Shook, Leonard Waks, Jennifer Welchman (2007-08).

American Philosophy? from Philip McReynolds' film American Philosopher on YouTube, here (streaming video)
Pragmatism on BBC
's "In our time." UK take on pragmatism for a popular audience. (streaming audio, here)

Cambridge Pragmatism: A Research Workshop. From the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, Trinity College, Cambridge; 31 May — 1 June, 2012. Video of talks by Cheryl Misak, Chris Hookway, Dorothy Edgington, Huw Price, Michael Williams, Robert Brandom, Sami Pihlstrom, and Simon Blackburn. Page with multiple video files,here.)

The Center for Inquiry interviews about naturalism This link leads to an interview with James Gouinlock (Emory University) but there are a variety of other links here, too. YouTube is the main site.

John J. McDermott on Pragmatism: December 3, 2006. Interview with (54 min. streaming audio, here.)
Noam Chomsky on the Dewey's view of education and democracy 28 May, 2003, Stony Brook University. A short clip where Chomsky discusses Dewey's view of education and democracy and expresses his gratitude for being educated in a Deweyan school. (YouTube video) A transcript is here.

Emerson and the Examined Life
WGBH (Robert Pinsky, 1997-2000 poet laureate Richard Geldard, professor, philosophy, Yeshiva University; David M. Robinson, Emerson scholar) (streaming audio, here )
Emerson: The Mind on Fire, WGBH ( Robert D. Richardson, writer, historian) (streaming audio, here)

Thoreau: Walking with Henry David Thoreau
WGBH (Richard Smith, historian, actor, Concord Museum) (streaming audio, here)

William James "William James: Son, Brother, Hero" 2006 interview with James biographer Robert Richardson on Open Source with Christopher Lydon. (Podcast, mp3)
William James "William James & American Pragmatism" 2011 interview with James biographer Robert Richardson on show On Point with Tom Ashbrook, NPR. (Podcast, mp3)

"The Pragmatic Turn." 2013. (YouTube video, here.A lecture by Richard J. Bernstein, the Vera List Professor of Philosophy at The New School of New York City and the Beloit College 2013 Selzer Visiting Professor. This was a public lecture based on his 2010 book of the same name, which argues that many philosophical themes from the past 150 years are derived from classical American pragmatists. Wednesday, February 13th, 2013, 7:30 pm, Moore Lounge, Pearsons Hall, Beloit Philosophy department, host.

Rorty-Putnam Debate and the Pragmatist Revival, from Philip McReynolds' film American Philosopher on YouTube, here (streaming video)
, from Philip McReynolds' film American Philosopher on YouTube, here (streaming video)
Rorty in conversation with Donald Davidson (date unknown). on Youtube (6 parts, first linked here)
Rorty, 2006, Chicago Law School lecture: Rorty on Posner and Dewey. (mp3 here)
Rorty, 2006, on Sirius Radio's show, "RU Sirius". (mp3 here)
Rorty, 10/2005, on Sirius Radio's show, "RU Sirius".(mp3 here)
Rorty, 8/2006, on Sirius Radio's show, "RU Sirius". (mp3 here)
Rorty and the Mirror of Nature conference, 2009. Friday 6 November, 9.30 a.m. – 6.00 p.m. Speakers: Bjorn Ramberg (Oslo), Robert Brandom (Pittsburgh), Albrecht Wellmer (FU Berlin), Michael Williams (John Hopkins U). (mp3 and conference details, here)
Rorty, 1997, on Austin at Issue, a public affairs program from Austin PBS station KLRU. Subject of interview is democracy and philosophy. Interviewer is philosopher Noëlle McAfee. (youtube video here). There's a blog post by McAfee about the occasion, here.

Putnam, Rorty, James, and more: A nice collection of links from
Putnam, 3/2005 at the University of Paris (in English) (mp3 here)
Putnam and Plantinga throw down on God's existence (mp3 here)

Obama and American Pragmatism. Interview with James Kloppenberg. "Reading Obama's Mind: Pragmatism and Its Perils." Radio Open Source: Aired, Podcast, Shows, November 4th, 2010. The podcast is here for download.

Obama and Pragmatism. Video and Audio materials from SAAP 2010's "Obama's Pragmatism and Philosophical Pragmatism" are here for download.

Talisse on Pragmatism: February 7, 2010. Interview with Robert B. Talisse on podcase, (podcast, here.)

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Wiki in American Philosophy: NOTE: This publicly-editable wiki is intended to provide a manageable list of resources for undergraduate students doing research in American Philosophy. Comments and questions: Kelly A. Parker: <>

The Pragmatism Archive. Extensive resources (historical, contemporary, and professional)on pragmatist figures, publications).

John Dewey. Small collection of links on American philosophy, figures, journals.

Jonathan Edwards links are here.

William James. Enormous collection of essays, letters, reviews, and links to other James' sites (reviews, bibliographies, discussion groups, commentary, and more). See also the William James Cybrary, a non-profit research resource for individuals interested in the life, work, and influence of American philosopher William James (1842-1910).

Royce's favorite Hegel Summary. (.rtf file) This comes via Frank Oppenheim, SJ. It is a recent English translation by David Healan in Berlin (16 Sept. 2007) of Edward Zeller's Summary of  Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit.  Josiah Royce had called Zeller's summary "the best" he was familiar with.  

Transcendentalism. American Transcendentalism Web: authors, texts, roots, criticism, bibliographies.

Puritans. Cogently written and organized introduction with bibliography.

Wikipedia entry on "Pragmatism." SAAP members are especially encouraged to make edits and encouraged to modify this entry in the Wikipedia (an introduction is here) or add new ones (where they think appropriate). --Webmaster/Communications Director

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Archives of Past SAAP Events

The Newsletter of the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy (going back to when SAAP was called "The American Philosophy Group," back in 1973) is now available online, via the Philosophy Documentation Center.

Past conference programs:

2010 (pdf)
2006 (.doc)

Coming: summer institutes, photographs, and conference and newsletter drawings.