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The SAAP Officer list has been updated, 7 September 2016

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SAAP Officers

SAAP Officers and Committees

  • pratt President
    Scott Pratt (University of Oregon), 2016-18, Board of Directors

  • prattPresident Elect
    Gregory Pappas (Texas A&M University), 2016-18, Board of Directors

  • tunstallSecretary
      Dwayne Tunstall (Grand Valley State University), 2015-19, Board of Directors

  • MyersTreasurer/Membership
    William Myers (Birmingham-Southern College), 2016-20, Board of Directors

  • hildebrand Communications Director David Hildebrand (University of Colorado Denver), 2015-18, Board of Directors, ex officio

Board of Directors

  • Kim Garchar (Kent State University), 2015-2018
    V. Denise James (University of Dayton), 2015-2018
    S. Joshua Thomas (St. John’s University), 2017-2019
    Jennifer Welchman (University of Alberta), 2017-2019
    Erin McKenna (Pacific Lutheran University), [past President], 2016-18
    Lisa Heldke (Gustavus Adolphus College), 2016-19
    Jacoby Carter (John Jay College, City University of New York), 2016-19
  • 2017 Program Committee
      Kim Garchar (Kent State University), Co-Chair
      V. Denise James (University of Dayton), Co-Chair
      Lisa Heldke (Gustavus Adolphus College)
      Jacoby Carter (John Jay College, City University of New York)
      Seth Vanetta (Morgan State University) Appointed committee member #1  
      Mat Foust (Central Connecticut State University) Appointed committee member #2
      Phillip McReynolds (UNC Charlotte) Appointed committee member #3
      Dorothy Rogers (Montclair State) Appointed committee member #4
  • 2018 Program Committee
    • Lisa Heldke (Gustavus Adolphus College), Co-Chair
          Jacoby Carter (John Jay College, City University of New York), Co-Chair
      S. Joshua Thomas (St. John’s University)
      Jennifer Welchman (University of Alberta)   
      Appointed Committee Member 1
          Appointed Committee Member 2
          Appointed Committee Member 3
          Appointed Committee Member 4

  • Editor, The Pluralist: Roger Ward (Georgetown College), Board of Directors, ex officio
    • Book Review Editor: John Kaag (University of Massachusetts – Lowell)
  • Student Representatives
  •     o    Jon LaRochelle (University of Oregon), 2016-2017
        o    Maggie Newton (University of Oregon) 2016-2018
        o    Bonnie Sheehey (University of Oregon), Graduate Session Organizer, 2015-2017
    Nominating Committee
    • Maurice Hamington (Portland State University), 2014-17
    • John Kaag (University of Massachusetts – Lowell), 2015-18
    • Judy Whipps (Grand Valley State), 2016-19
  • H.W. Schneider Award Committee
    • Marilyn Fischer (University of Dayton), 2016-19 [This presumes that the person who last won the Schneider Award then serves on the committee for a three-year term.]
    • Heather Keith (Green Mountain College), 2015-18
    • Mark Johnson (University of Oregon), 2017-2020

  • Coss Dialogues Committee
  •     o    Kathleen Wallace (Hofstra University), 2017-2019
        o    Shannon Sullivan, 2015-18
        o    Chris Tirres, 2016-19
  • Committee on Inter-American Relations
    • Gregory Pappas (Texas A&M University), Chair
    • Mariana Alessandri (University of Texas – Pan American)
    • Kim Diaz (Texas A&M Universit)
    • Terrance MacMullan (Eastern Washington University)
    • José-Antonio Orosco (Oregon State University)
    • Alexander Stehn (University of Texas – Pan American)
    • Chris Tirres (DePaul University)
  • Committee on Public Philosophy
  •     o    Eric Thomas Weber (University of Mississippi)    
    o    Lee McBride (College of Wooster)
        o    Tess Varner (Concordia College)
        o    Jacoby Carter (John Jay College, City University of New York), Chair
        o    Walter Feinberg (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
        o    Ken Stikkers, (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale)
        o    Mark Tschaepe (Prairie View A & M University)
  • 2017 SAAP Local Arrangements
    Bill Myers (Birmingham-Southern College)
  • 2018 SAAP Local Arrangements
    Martin Coleman (Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis)

  • 2017 SIAP Local Arrangements
    Erin McKenna (University of Oregon)

    2018 SIAP Local Arrangements
    V. Denise James (University of Dayton)SIAP: Summer Institute in American Philosophy Committee
  • V. Denise James (University of Dayton)
    Marilyn Fischer (University of Dayton)
    Kimberly Garchar (Kent State)
    Jessica Richardson (Michigan State)
    Scott L. Pratt (University of Oregon)
    Erin McKenna (University of Oregon)
  • Local Meetings and Study Groups

  • Local Meetings and Study Groups
    Midwest Pragmatist Study Group
    Martin Coleman (Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis); Stanley Harrison (Marquette University); and A.G. Rud (Washington State University), Convenors

    New York Pragmatist Forum
    Judith Green (Fordham University), Hugh McDonald (New York Institute of Technology), Conveners
    Atlantic Coast Pragmatist Meeting
    Seth Vanetta (Towson State University), Convener

    Pacific Northwest American Philosophy Reading Group
    Erin McKenna (University of Oregon), Co-Chair, Scott Pratt (University of Oregon), Co-Chair

    SAAP Liaisons for Meetings at Other Societies
    American Philosophical Association
    Eastern Division: Nate Jackson, (Capital University), 2017-19
    Central Division: Martin Coleman (IUPUI), 2016-18
    Pacific Division: Albert Spencer (Portland State University), 2015-17

    Public Philosophy Network
    Eric Weber (University of Mississippi)

    American Catholic Philosophical Association
    Corey McCall (Elmira College)

    Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy
    Raymond Boisvert (Siena College)

    Delegate(s) to the World Congress of Philosophy
    Mitchell Aboulafia (Manhattan College) and Gregory Pappas (Texas A&M University)

    Inter-American Congress of Philosophy
    Gregory Pappas (Texas A&M University)

    Delegate to Conference of Philosophical Societies
    Judith Jones (Fordham University)

    Metaphysical Society of America:
    Marjorie Miller (SUNY, Purchase)

    Ad Hoc Web Redesign Committee
    Scott Pratt (University of Oregon)
    Jon LaRochelle (University of Oregon)
    Phillip McReynolds (University of North Carolina—Charlotte)
    Glenn Kuehn (University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire)

      • SAAP Past Presidents

        • Erin McKenna, 2014-16
        • Kenneth Stikkers 2012-14
        • Jacquelyn Kegley 2010-2012
        • James Campbell 2008-10
        • Tom Alexander 2006-08
        • John Stuhr 2004-06
        • Larry Hickman 2002-04
        • Herman Saatkamp 2000-02
        • Andrew Reck 1998-2000
        • Charlene Haddock Seigfried 1996-98
        • Joe Betz 1994-96
        • Thelma Lavine 1992-94
        • Sandra Rosenthal 1990-92
        • Peter Hare 1988-90
        • Beth Singer 1986-88
        • James Gouinlock 1984-86
        • Darnell Rucker 1980-84
        • John McDermott 1978-80
        • John Lachs 1974-77
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