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Calls for Papers / Submissions

CFP: General:

CFP: Contemporary Pragmatism

We invite article and book review submissions from the members of SAAP. CP will consider articles about pragmatism written from the standpoint of any tradition and perspective. Please consider asking your college or university library to subscribe to what we hope will become the most exciting and respected journal in contemporary American Philosophy.

For more information:

CFP: William James Studies

William James Studies is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing high quality, scholarly articles related to the life, work and influence of William James. The journal is sponsored by the William James Society (WJS) and published online by the University of Illinois Press.

Please see the journal web page for submission guidelines.

Questions? Contact Mark Moller ( or Linda Simon (

CFP: Josiah Royce at Central APA, 2010

Josiah Royce Society

Call for Papers
2010 American Philosophical Association, Central Division Meeting
Palmer House Hilton Hotel, Chicago, IL

The Josiah Royce Society is scheduled to have a session at the 2010 American Philosophical Association, Central Division meeting (February 17-20, 2010). The date and time of the session are TBA.

Theme: Royce scholars often apply the lessons they have learned from Josiah Royce’s philosophy to address, and even resolve, contemporary philosophical issues in a number of areas. These areas include logic, applied ethics, philosophy of science, social philosophy, philosophy of religion, and philosophy of race. This session is an opportunity for Royce scholars and other philosophers interested in Royce’s thought to explore the relevance of Royce’s philosophy to addressing issues in different fields of contemporary philosophy.

Submissions using Royce’s philosophy to address a contemporary philosophical issue are welcome. Of special interest are submissions placing Royce’s philosophy in conversation with aesthetics, environmental philosophy, feminist philosophy, just war theory, philosophy of education, philosophy of mind, philosophy of religion, or social philosophy. Submissions from graduate students are especially welcome.

Submission Guidelines: E-mail paper proposals or completed papers to Dwayne Tunstall at by September 1, 2009. Paper proposal submissions should be between 500-800 words in length. The word limit for a completed paper submission is 3500 words. If you decide to include your submission as an e-mail attachment, please send it in one of the following formats: .doc, .rtf, or .pdf file.

All submitters will be notified of their submission status via e-mail by September 15, 2009. For accepted proposals, completed papers are due no later than January 11, 2010. Accepted papers will be available on the Josiah Royce Society website shortly thereafter.


Call for Research Proposals

The Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy solicits research proposals that will focus on the question: “Where do aspects of American Philosophy appear within US and international philosophical and/or academic community?” More specifically:

  • Where are courses in American Philosophy being taught? What is the focus and/or content of these courses?
  • Are aspects (various key ideas and or figures) of American philosophy taught in other courses or areas of the curriculum?
  • Who identifies American Philosophy as an area of specialization and/or interest? Is this identification exemplified in research and/or publication or membership in specific organizations?
  • What publications have appeared in the last five years that can be classified as research in American Philosophy?

Those submitting a proposal should provide the following:

  • A working definition of American philosophy that will guide the research.
  • Additional questions to be pursued or restatements of the suggested questions.
  • A research work plan including a specification of the methodology or methodologies that will be used to collect the required information or data.
  • An indication of the researchers, including supervisory personnel, who will be involved in the project. Provide also a specification of the qualifications of each such person.
  • An estimation of costs that will be incurred in doing the research, e.g. research and computer time and data processing.

A grant of up to $3000 is available for this project. We are accepting proposals from faculty from SAAP who would use this money to fund a graduate student or students to conduct this research, possibly as a summer project. It is expected that the faculty member will serve as the supervisor for the research. The results of the research project will be provided to the Executive Committee of SAAP and will become the property thereof.

Please send applications to: Prof. Bill Myers, Birmingham-Southern College, Box 549013, Birmingham, AL 35254. Application deadline is May 16, 2007. Questions? Contact Bill at 205-226-4868 or


150th Year Commemoration of the Founding of St. Louis Hegelians

In St. Louis
April 11-12, 2008
Conference Hosted by Webster University

Topics Especially Welcome:
St. Louis Hegelians, Idealism, 19th Century
American Philosophy, Early Pragmatism

Abstract Deadline: November 15, 2007
Notification of Acceptance: December 30, 2007

The St. Louis Hegelians are one of the most important movements in American cultural history. Founded in the 19th century by an eclectic set of St. Louis school teachers and amateur philosophers, this group helped bring German philosophy (especially the philosophy of Hegel) to the American continent. By adding their own unique American twist to this philosophy, the group is also responsible for taking the first major steps toward producing America's wholly distinct philosophical tradition of Pragmatism.

Direct Submissions or Inquiries to:
Dr. Donald Morse,
(314)961-2660 ext. 7737


Call for Papers: Applying Peirce

APPLYING PEIRCE: An International Conference on Peirce’s Thought and Its Applications

11–13 June 2007--University of Helsinki, Finland

Organized in conjunction with the 9th World Congress of the International Association of Semiotic Studies.

Conference website:
For more information, please email to

We invite papers on any topic in accordance with the theme of the conference. The Committee is especially interested in proposals that explore the applicability of Peirce’s thought to current questions and problems in a range of disciplines. Suitable topics include the use and applicability of Peirce’s thought in, logic, abductive reasoning, communication and rhetoric, contemporary philosophical debates, mathematics, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, linguistics, literary studies, the study of fine arts and design, physics, biology, psychology, sociology, anthropology

Keynote and plenary speakers include Nathan Houser (Peirce Edition Project, IUPUI) and Jaakko Hintikka (Boston University). In addition to contributed papers, the Conference will include invited talks, special sessions and a workshop on the editing of Peirce's writings.


Deadline for abstracts of 300-500 words is 15 February 2007. Submissions are made electronically by email attachment to, and must include two files:

(1) A file titled Abstract, including the title and abstract of the paper, set up for anonymous review.

(2) A separate file titled Author including the title and author information, including email address. Please include a note on any AV needs you may have in this file.

The file formats .pdf, .rtf and .doc are preferable.

You will be sent a confirmation note after your submission has been received. If you have not received a confirmation in seven days after your submission, please resend, if possible, using an alternative email address.

All persons making a submission will be notified of the acceptance to the Conference program by 31 March 2007.

PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Vincent Colapietro (Chair) André De Tienne Leila Haaparanta Risto Hilpinen Robert Innis Jørgen Dines Johansen Lorenzo Magnani Cheryl Misak Ilkka Niiniluoto Jaime Nubiola María Lucia Santaella John Sowa

ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen (Chair) Henrik Rydenfelt (Secretary) Merja Bauters Mats Bergman Erkki Kilpinen Tarja Knuuttila Pentti Määttänen Sami Paavola Sami Pihlström

The conference is arranged by the Helsinki Peirce Research Centre and sponsored by the Charles S. Peirce Society and the Philosophical Society of Finland.

For more information, please email to

Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen, Department of Philosophy, P.O. Box 9, FIN-00014 University of Helsinki Finland


Call for papers (revised) SAAP session at the Central APA April 18-21, 2007, Chicago, IL - Palmer House Hilton Hotel

Peace, Politics, and Pragmatism

Papers or proposals are invited that explore the meanings and practices of peace and politics in relation to historical or contemporary perspectives on the larger pragmatist tradition.

Submission guidelines:

o 500 word proposal for essays or a 3,000 word essay.

o Please prepare papers or proposals for BLIND REVIEW, with no identifying names or university affiliations.

o Proposals for linked essays or panel discussions (1000 words) will be considered and are not subject to blind review requirements.

Submit proposals or papers electronically to as an attached word processing or text file.

Persons interested in commenting or chairing sessions should contact me at

Deadline for submissions will be January,1 2007

Notification of acceptance will be sent out shortly thereafter.

Second Call for Papers: Aesthetics, Politics and the American Experience

A proposed anthology of essays to be edited by Kevin S. Decker and Terrance MacMullan, both of the Philosophy Program at Eastern Washington University. Publishers to be approached may include:
Southern Illinois University Press, Indiana University Press, SUNY Press or Open Court Publishers. Publication likely in 2008/09.

Kant's 1790 Critique of Judgment and Schiller's 1794 On the Aesthetic Education of Man inaugurated a significant European tradition of considering political and moral arrangements through the lens of aesthetic categories. Representatives of this diverse tradition include Nietzsche, Heidegger, Benjamin, Adorno, and many important postmodern thinkers. Is there a tradition of 'aesthetic politics' in America as well, a tradition that understands individual and communal self-creation through democratic and pluralistic ideals? Is there an art to politics?

Those interested should mail an abstract of 500 words by March 1st, 2007 to:
Kevin S. Decker
Department of Philosophy
Patterson Hall 266
Eastern Washington University
Cheney, WA 99002
or e-mail abstracts to:

CALL FOR PAPERS: Kinesis: a graduate journal in philosophy

Kinesis occupies a unique position among scholarly journals in that it
is one of the few journals in the world that is run entirely by and
for graduate students. Kinesis strives for the highest level of
scholarship and we continue to hold the goal of publishing quality
graduate work as our highest aim.

Contributions in any area of investigation will be considered,
provided they establish the viability of the arguments and conclusions
of the author. Response articles concerning works previously published
in Kinesis are encouraged, and we also welcome book reviews. All
submissions should be sent via email to or
mailed via post to:

Department of Philosophy
Southern Illinois University
Carbondale, IL 62901-4328

Emailed submissions should be saved in Microsoft Word format and
prepared for blind review. This means that the author's name should
not appear anywhere in the document except for on a cover sheet
containing the author's contact information and institutional
affiliation. Submissions mailed via post should include a compact
disk with the submission saved in Microsoft Word format and prepared
for blind review and three paper copies of the submission also
prepared for blind review. Any submissions that have been published
elsewhere or are under consideration for publication elsewhere will
not be considered for publication in Kinesis.


Southern Illinois University Carbondale
November 3 – 4, 2006

Keynote Speaker: Mitchell Aboulafia. (Chair, Department of Liberal Arts, Juilliard)
Deadline for Submissions: September 23, 2006

The purpose of this conference is to bring various strands of
Continental thought, from the late Nineteenth Century onward, into
dialogue with the American tradition from Transcendentalism and
Pragmatism to contemporary philosophy. The theme is “The Self.” We
welcome any paper that brings together at least one thinker from each of
these two broadly defined traditions.

Submission Guidelines:
Papers should not exceed 3000 words and should be prepared for blind
review. Do not include any personal information in the paper. On a
separate cover page include the following items:
1) The paper’s title
2) Author’s name
3) Institutional affiliation
4( Email address
5) Telephone number
6) Word count (3000 words maximum)
7) An abstract (150 word maximum)

Email your paper and cover sheet as a Microsoft Word (.doc) or Rich Text
(.rtf) attachment to [log in to unmask], subject line “Building Bridges.”
Label the attachment with a shortened paper title. Some papers may be
selected for publication in Kinesis: Graduate Journal in Philosophy.

Deadline for Submissions: September 23, 2006

For further information, contact:
Kelvin Booth,
Department of Philosophy,
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale IL 62901
Ph. 618-536-6641

Contemporary Aesthetics

Contemporary Aesthetics is an international, interdisciplinary, on-line journal of contemporary theory, research, and application in aesthetics. Published material is not bound by the constraints of traditional disciplines, nor is it judged by philosophical orientation or narrow standards of what constitutes good work. Its goals are openness, collaboration, and the communication of aesthetic ideas both within and among disciplines. Strong scholarship that makes a constructive contribution to aesthetic inquiry is welcome. So, too, is original philosophical writing of high quality. For more information, please visit

Arnold Berleant
P.O. Box 52
Castine, ME 04421, U.S.A.
Phone: 207-326-4306
Web Site: